Mid Week 1

The workouts:

Apparently my arms are wimps.

On Monday we worked out chest and triceps and on Tuesday we did back and biceps. Now it is Thursdays. I am STILL feeling like even moving my arms to get to my mouse and keyboard is hard. Granted, it’s not NEARLY as hard as it was yesterday, but it is a little ridiculous. My legs that got worked out yesterday with more intensity than my arms? Nothing. Just a little bit of tightness, no jelly legs, no soreness. Arms – get it together.

For the first time in my life I am actually enjoying working out. This may be due to the fact that I’m not going to the gym for cardio at the moment. Cardio has always felt a little stagnant to me. I really hope that over time I fall in love with the concept of lifting. Its fun and I enjoy it right now and I hope that doesn’t go away. I’m excited to see progress not only in actual muscle definition and strength building, but also to see how much I’ll eventually be able to lift.

Today is day 4 of the Jamie Eason work out program: abs and shoulders. My least favorite and probably the weakest part of me. My ability to move tomorrow and Saturday will likely be comical.

The food:

As for food? Well, this morning I hate some egg white muffins that I prepped on Sunday. They were egg whites with bell peppers and onions. They were, let’s say, less than spectacular. By that I mean – they were terrible and I couldn’t eat them. It was super sad because they looked so good! Maybe if I had eaten them fresh it would have been okay. That is something I will have to try in the future.

The rest of the food has been pretty okay. I suck at making chicken, so any chicken I prepped on Sunday is kinda dry and weirdly seasoned. Note to self: let Mac cook the chicken next time, he is WAY better at it. The turkey meatballs are delicious, especially with a tiny bit of tomato sauce or ketchup. I love black beans too. I am working on trying to find a way to curb my chocolate cravings. I’ll probably try making a smoothie with the chocolate protein powder and cocoa powder soon.

Watching Mac eat Taco Bell yesterday was rough. I imagine that going forward any type of watching other people eat things I love it going to be the hardest part. I will have to remember what I’m working toward and that those things are really not awesome for me.

The miles:

The only issue with all of these things is it doesn’t log a whole lot of miles. That makes me severely under my average of 2.9mi a day goal.

So over the last few days (1/13 & 1/14) I did a total of: 2.6mi

Phase 2 of the Jamie Eason LiveFit program there will be more cardio, so maybe that mile count will get back up – we’ll see how it goes.

total miles TYD: 31.1


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