Asking for Prayer

Asking for prayer for yourself is hard. 

I often ask my family to help pray for certain friends, but when it comes to my own struggles or situations, I don’t say anything. There are tons of things in my life that need prayer. Honestly,  I personally don’t even pray for them enough.

I realized yesterday that admitting to someone else, even in the context of prayer, that you have issues that you need help with takes a lot of humility. I have no problem admitting that I need Jesus. I absolutely need Jesus. But allowing someone else into the process of helping me ask the Lord for help humbles me. My prayer life isn’t perfect. I need others to pray for me when I don’t. Letting others know that there is something wrong and that needs prayer requires that I actually trust the Lord to help solve them. I can’t just attempt to solve them on my own and let everyone think there was no issues in the first place. I have to admit that God is in charge and he will help fix those things.

Maybe this isn’t something you struggle with. Maybe it’s just my pride that has grown so big that it gets in the way. Maybe its the culture around me that tells me that asking for help is unacceptable. Whatever the reason, I’m hoping that the community I’ve found myself in during this season will help me grow and come into a life where asking for prayer and praying for others is free and easy and comforting; and dare I even hope, joyful. 

So please pray for me. For me to find asking for prayer easier. For my marriage. For my out of control emotions. For my work-life balance. For patience. For friendships and community. For a sense of calling. For determination and endurance. For growth in my spiritual life. For anything you can think of. 


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