Thursday was nuts.

It all started with a [relatively] early morning travel to the happiest place on earth. It was so fun to get to hang out with siblings! They’re finally to the age that they don’t just annoy the junk out of me but I can actually talk to them and enjoy their company as little humans. =] we went on all the “scary” California Adventure rides. Raleigh had never been on them and loves them. I loved getting to do that with him for the first time. Addison even got a sparkly pink set of ears. It was great.

Of course, the last ride we went on falsified a 25 minute wait time that turned in 50 and I ended up leaving the park late. 1.5 hours of traffic later, I found myself at Ontario airport just in time to board my plane to San Francisco.

Holy crap. I walked off that tiny United Express plane and out into the [surprisingly] cold Bay breezy air and it was like a whole new world. [Cue cheesey Disney song here….] Miley Sirus’ song “Party in the USA” immediately popped into my head. Welcome to the land of fame excess. So maybe it wasn’t fame…but it was money, luxury, excess. Every car that drove by seemed to be bright and new. Every other person was getting picked up in a town car by a driver. Wow. Does everyone in the bay own their own hipster-green-start up? I want a Volvo too! Sign me up.

As I was watching the cars go by, I saw a car with bright blue headlights (the kind you hate in your rear view mirror because they blind you) pulling up. “Alicia?” Well I’ll be damned, that car was here for me. It was some fancy Lexus nonsense that blew my mind; probably the most luxurious car I’ve ever ridden in.

It took me 20 short minutes to Menlo Park where it left me at the Stanford Park Hotel. There I was, shorts and off the shoulder tee in this 5 star hotel looking like a moron. I checked in, was given a goody bag and told that any movie and mini bar items would be picked up by the party who reserved my room. Excuse me? They’ll pay for alcohol AND entertainment?

I walked up to my room, it was huge, as expected. I fell asleep on the gargantuan bed quicker than you can say, “you’re spoiled.”

Today, Friday, was even more of a whirlwind and I bet tomorrow will be too. But that story will come later. Stay tuned!


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