A God who loves all people

Regardless of where you find yourself in the whole debate concerning gay marriage, I think we need to stop and pray.

Pray that The Lord shows up in the Supreme Court.
Pray that The Lord gives peace to all of the people involved.
Pray that The Lord gives wisdom.
Pray for patience.
Pray for love and understanding.
Pray for everyone involved.

This situation is a big deal. We all know that.

I believe that God loves his people. Always. Period. No matter what. That means God loves homosexuals. I also believe that God has a standard for all people and that standard applies to everyone regardless of sexuality. I believe that God hears prayers and does not rejoice when his people are not treated as people. All through history The Lord has been a God of freedom, of justice, and liberation. He do we, as Christians, get away with condemning, victimizing, and oppressing others (whether for homosexuality or otherwise)? That shouldn’t be allowed.

I won’t say one way or the other about the legalization of gay marriage. But I will absolutely say that we as Christians have a responsibility to love everyone. To treat people as people. Even if that means being countercultural or thought of as “not a Christian” by the conservatives. I don’t know if God created people gay, I’m not God. But they are here, and God loves them, and we are not the judges. As far as I can remember, Jesus hung out with a lot of people everyone else thought we’re sinners or unclean.

One of my close friends put it this way, “when I get to heaven, I’d rather be told I was wrong for loving them too much than be told I was wrong because I judged and condemned them.”

Join me in praying for our nation as huge decisions are made. Join me in praying for the homosexuals who have been judged, condemned, and hated by so many Christians. I pray that they might feel loved by Christians when they didn’t expect it. Join me in praying for secede on all sides and wisdom for everyone involved.

Our God is a good God who loves


people. May we go and do likewise.


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