Humility in lieu of Entitlement

Crazy people come out on Fridays. That seems to be a theme in my office this spring.

Most of the people we talk to on Fridays have a very secure sense of entitlement. They feel that they deserve everything. They deserve 100% financial aid. They deserve our hand feeding. They deserve hours of our time. They deserve to be admitted. And most of the time, without any work on their part.

We are so many people that are so entitled in today’s world. How does being entitled relent the humbleness of Jesus? Jesus was not walking around gloating or saying that he deserved to be treated as the king he was. Instead he washed people’s feet. He wept when people he love died, not when he didn’t get what he wanted. He gave his life so that we could in turn live ours and love The Lord.

But people end up loving themselves more than the one who sacrificed everything for them. The end up forgetting where the focus should be. While we may still get to partake of nice things and have a college education and funding etc, we don’t at all deserve it.

I’d be wrong if I said this didn’t apply to me at all either. It does. I should also more often look to my savior. I pray for humility. And the ability to serve others with patience through this season in order that they might see Jesus and walk toward him.


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