What if Moses had Ignored the Burning Bush?

Do you ever wonder what Moses would have done had God not spoke to him through that bush? What life would he have lived? What would his story have been? What if he hadn’t responded, what if he walked away from that strange bush that wouldn’t burn?

I’m not saying my calling is quite as world changing as Moses’, the leader of the exodus, but I’m saying there’s something that changes when you make the conscious decision to turn and approach the burning bush. 

We make choices in our lives and they take us new directions. Had we made other choices, who knows where we might have ended up. Sometimes I have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that because of the choices I’ve made, I now have to let go of the destinations that different choices would have led to me. “Had I not____, I could have ____.” or “Had I _____ I would have been able to _____.” You fill in the blanks. Been there? 

We are where we are now because of the choices we’ve made and the way that God has led us. That is key. We felt God’s leading, so we chose to follow him wherever that choice took us. Now, after we’ve come down the line a bit and found ourselves in a new situation, sometimes we wonder why God led us this way. We’ve given up so much! 

Sure, my life would have been MUCH different had I not: been raised by my grandparents, moved to Las Vegas, chosen APU, chosen Biblical Studies as a major, gotten married young, etc. But, God is bringing me somewhere. I have no clue what the destination will be. 

I have hopes and dreams. Some of which have to be put to bed because of where God has brought me since those dreams formed long ago. Some of which have formed because of where God has brought me. And now I can focus and work toward the latter! Dreams are scary, and big, and mysterious, but I hope that God will use me in big ways and continue to spur new dreams within me to help me keep moving forward. 

I’ve wondered how my life would be different had I not responded to God when he prompted and led, but I am excited for where he is actively leading me now. 

Here’s to a life where God leads us into greater things than we can imagine, challenges and all. 


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