Our God: The Deliverer and Orchestrator

After re-reading my post about the Lord being a coordinator, I realize that I didn’t do it justice. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it justice here either, but I will try to come at it a different way this time.

We’ve all had those events in our life that when we look back at them, we cringe. We made mistakes, we chose the wrong path, we were hurt, you name it. Whether those events were caused by us or by others, the have left a residue on our lives. As time passes, they may fade to scars, but they are still around.

In the moment, those events seem like they will never end. They seem like the world is caving in around us and we will never be able to get out of our mess no matter how hard we try. These issues have a hold on us, they hold us back and give us a different perspective of ourselves and of the world. The cast a shadow over everything and keep us from seeing the joys in life and that we can move through the hurt and into the light of Christ, the healer and redeemer.

I’ve been through my fair share of these “events.” Let me tell you, The Lord works wonders.

One thing that is always told to us as Christians is that God will bring light out of the darkness. He will bring something good out of our terrible sadness, hurt, etc. While we are hurting or sad, that is absolutely the last thing we want to hear. But, after time, and a fair amount of God’s healing and peace, it may be true.

One day, someone will come along who has a similar story as yours. Whether they are on the same timeline as you, or currently in the midst of their event, this allows you fellowship and solidarity. Our God, who suffers with us, knows that even though he is present in our suffering, that sometimes we need real physical human beings, who have been where we have been, to come along side us. Sometimes its great to be able to say, “we’ve both been there, so we get each other.” Other times we get to say, “I’ve been where you are, and I know it sucks, but it gets better.” We get to come along side people and sit next to them as they go through things and encourage them. We get to share stories of how God delivered us from particular situations and hardships.

What better testimony can there be than, “I’ve been in the pit, and God lifted me out?”

Our God is a deliverer who provides for his people during their suffering by bringing others into their lives who can sit in solidarity with them.

I won’t come down on whether or not God “caused” these events to take place in our lives, but I will absolutely say that he orchestrates the timing in which we meet people. He brings people into our lives when we need them and he brings us to people who need us. Everyone has a story, and our God is good enough to know which of his people need to hear that story. Our God is a divine orchestrator.


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