The Lord is a Coordinator

Sometimes I forget that my human habits come from the Lord. If you were to ask anyone who knows me, they would tell you that I am a creature of habit to the core of my being. I eat the same meals, I go to bed at the same time, I watch the same shows, I do the same things on the same days of the week. I love coordinating schedules and making sure that I have everything planned to a T. I love the momentary chaos of having multiple things to organize and then the satisfaction of having made them all come together nicely. That brings me great joy.

Have you ever met a person who is just so dang joyful that you think, “wow, if this person is so joyful, how much more so is the Lord joyful?” Or so patient, loving, forgiving, or you fill in the blank? The gifts that God has given people shine and point toward the one who gave them. For me, sometimes I see God in my love of coordination and detail oriented-ness.

In Genesis 1:2 it says that the world was formless and void. There was nothing, and God created organization out of chaos. He ordered the world: plants, animals, humans and all. If you look at math and tell me that God isn’t a logical, organization being, you’d be crazy! But even more, I see God coordinating time. I see him guiding individual people’s personal timelines in life and interweaving them with other people’s lives. I see him bringing people into my life during specific times for specific purposes.

I am so grateful that the Lord helps me find the people I need when I need them. I hope that he also leads me to those who might need me. Today I had lunch with a wonderful woman from my church. The Lord absolutely brought it about. She told me that she had really felt inclined toward being involved in my life. I had been really thinking about wanting to invest in a relationship with a Godly woman who is a bit ahead of me in her walk who can pour into and help me not lose my mind as I go through this period in my life. Over the past months I had been feeling like I’d really love to get to know this woman. God very much had his hand in guiding our hearts toward each other. I love that. I am so excited for where this will go!

I could go on to talk about so many different relationships coming into my life during certain periods that really shaped me for the better. But that would take quite some time.

I love that our God is a Divine Coordinator. I may not come to a conclusion on whether or not he controls time and lives entirely (too complicated for this little blog), but I will absolutely say he has his hand in coordinating his people’s lives and interweaving them together. How much knowledge and understanding of us must he have to know what we need when we need it and to be able to weave together so many lives?



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