Hidden in Kings

For my class I had to read and observe parts of 2 Kings. To give you the cliff notes version, it was a lot of Kings of Israel (the northern kingdom after the united monarchy split) who did what was evil in the sight of The Lord. It basically chronicled when they took over, a brief description of something they did, and then said that their stories were told elsewhere and then they died.

Pretty exciting stuff. But, a few things stood out to me.

First: There was one king of Judah mentioned amongst all of the kings of Israel. And he was said to be doing what was right in the sight of The Lord. However, even though he was right, the people still worshiped at high places and didn’t entirely forgo their corrupt ways. But this king was a good king.

Second: One of the kings of Israel, though he did what was evil in the sight of The Lord, was used by God to save Israel. The Lord saw the suffering of his people and used the king to help his people.

These stories encouraged me in two ways. One, I may be doing exactly what The Lord has asked of me and be “doing what is right in the eyes of The Lord” but my “people” (those I lead, those in my sphere of influence) may not ways follow in my example or do everything just right. And that’s okay, as long as I am following The Lord. And two, The Lord will use whoever necessary to help his suffering people. The Lord uses messed up sinners who may be doing “evil” things. But in the end, the people are delivered. The Lord can use anyone, even sinners.

How encouraging! Though on the surface my reading may have seemed quite bleak and monotonous, but when you really look, it allows us to see the nature of God and how he interacts with his people.


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