God Provides

As many of you probably already know, I work at Azusa Pacific University. Today was a big day on campus for many students. Today was the day when multiple leadership roles on campus informed students whether or not they got the position for which they applied. This means that today people found out whether next year they would get to be alpha leases, RAs, chapel band members, admissions interns, and other positions. For many students this news can change their year to come at APU. If they receive the position, they have a year of new adventures in the new position awaiting them. If they don’t, their hopes for what the year to come could have looked like are done away with and new dreams have to be formed. I know that many students have a hard time when they find out they didn’t get the position they wanted, especially when others around them did. This day is joyous and sad at that same time. I love hearing the stories of students who get hired into their desired positions and how they don’t know what to expect and how they are ready for what God has for them in the position. But it breaks my heart to hear someone say they didn’t get their position. It is so hard to get your hopes up for a position where you would be a great fit and start dreaming about what it will look like and how much fun it will be only to get shot down.

I have been there. And it sucks. But when we all come to those times in our lives we have to remember that The Lord is sovereign and has a plan for our lives. Totally cliche, I know. My junior year I applied to be an RA the following year. I got so excited and all of my friends told me I had it in the bag. I tried not to hope too much, but it was hard not to. Then, this day came, and I didn’t get it. I was so upset. I didn’t have anyone to live with. I didn’t know where I was going to live. I didn’t know what my plan was. To fastforward a longer story, I would not have been able to invest time into a relationship with a wonderful friend who eventually became my husband had I been an RA that way. I would not have ended up with great roommates who I hadn’t met before that year. I wouldn’t have invested myself into my studies. I wouldn’t have been able to hold two on campus jobs and start a savings account that got me through the first few months after college. In the end, it worked out. God took my not so great situation and made something better out of it. I don’t know what God will do in each of the students at APU, but I can say with confidence that he will provide.

I have heard too many stories of provision to think otherwise. Today we got to tell a student that she will be receiving a scholarship. When we told her, she was beyond excited and told us that her father has been unemployed for a while and her family has been dedicated to praying about how they will be funding her college education next year. Tis scholarship as a direct answer to her prayers.

The Lord works in great ways, and hardly ever how we expect. My prayers are with the students whose hearts are broken today. But I also know that The Lord is faithful and he provides. I know that he has a plan for each of them individually and will open doors to things that they might not expect (or sometimes even want at first) and then end up blowing their minds at how that actually worked out better. I pray that the students don’t lose sight of their vision and calling to leadership and that they hold strong to their passions and continue to seek ways to actively live those out. The Lord has gifted them in so many ways.

Our God is a provider, even when things seem to suck.


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