God wants us to know him in our Kidneys

You plant them, and they take root;
they grow and bring forth fruit;
you are near in their mouths
yet far from their hearts

In class today we were talking about words and their meanings and how certain translations mistranslate the word heart quite often. In the verse above, Jeremiah 12:2, the word that is translated in heart, in the actual Hebrew is the word for Kidneys.

Our professor pointed out that we may actually have God in our hearts, but our heart often is super touchy feely-leads to bad choices-carnal things. So even if we have God in our hearts, that is not what this verse is trying to communicate.

How much more does this verse make sense if the word “heart” was translated “kidney?”

When we eat, the food goes from our mouth, into our systems, and end up in our intestines. The process of digestion is quite a picture. This verse is talking about The Lord being spoken of by our enemies but not in their kidneys. The Lord isn’t known to them in the core of their being. How often is that true of us as well?

God wants us to know him in our kidneys, to the core of our being. He should be our gut reaction, our subconscious, our core; not just our mouths and hearts. We should be doing everything in our power to know him like this. It comes from practice, actions, being in the word and lots of prayer. But that a joy it would be to be able to say that you have The Lord in your kidneys!


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