In my congregation we spend a portion of every service sharing the peace of The Lord with one another. Having grown up in a nondenominational church, this was a new thing to me when I first showed up at FCC. There is something so great about having the peace of The Lord bestowed upon you and being able to give it to others.

Paul always opened or closed his letters with a similar greeting/salutation, “grace and peace to you,” he would say.

But when we stop and think about what we are actually giving to one another, I think we will Elaine the power behind it.

Life is chaotic on so many levels. We don’t always know what storms the person we are wishing peace is going through. They may have so much stuff going on that they just need a minute of silence and calm to know that The Lord is Lord. That is the peace we wish upon them. They may be enjoying a season of blessing and be able to experience the peace of The Lord in a way that means the is no trouble or war in their life. Maybe they are battling about a decision and need to The Lord to bring them peace about a decision. So many different types of peace for so many different human realities. Though we might not know the type of peace each person needs, The Lord does. And it is His peace that we are showing and ushering into each others’ lives. What a blessing it is to receive and give that type of peace!

In these moments of connection and sharing of peace that we are able to connect with others in a way that is different. Over the past few months I have been able to greet one of the women at our church during peace and it feels as if I know her. We don’t know each other well, but the giving of peace has opened a way to a relationship that I would not have otherwise had.

Peace is such a gift and we should continually share it with each other in order that we might be able to truly experience the peace of The Lord.


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