Knowledge of God

The knowledge of The Lord and his commands seem to be a theme in the first few chapters if Hosea. Because the people didn’t know The Lord and his statutes, they will be punished.

Knowing The Lord allows you to follow after his ways. But how are we to know The Lord and his commands?

For the people of Israel, they knew because of the passing down of oral tradition and written law, as well as sometimes first hand experience (as in Moses and his people). But for us, this knowledge often comes from being involved in a church. Sure, you can read the bible and gain and understanding of what The Lord wants for us, but being a part of a church body is also important. This way, when we come up with an idea of what we’ve read in the text, we can bring it to the church and ask questions about it and seek the truth together. This helps with a sort of check and balance so people might not walk away with crazy theology (though yes I know sometimes this still happens). This is why pastors and pastoral staff are often educated in biblical studies and theology. That way, they are able to help guide their congregants in seeking the truth in God’s word so that we might be able to know Him and his ways.

Yet another reason to be a part of community: to be able to more deeply know God together as a congregation.


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