Shittim is a weird name for a city.

I came across it twice recently. Once in numbers 25 and once in Hosea 5. In numbers 25 it tells a story of the Israelites’ going against God’s word. In Hosea 5 it says,

For the judgment pertains to you;
for you have been a snare at Mizpah,
and a net spread upon Tabor,
2 and a pit dug deep in Shittim;[a]
but I will punish all of them.

It describes Israel as being a catch point for certain cities. They have caused the people in those places to stumble (a bit of a stretch, but why not), to mess up a bit. In Shittim they were a deep pit. They caused so many issues that they became a pit that people fell into.

And The Lord will punish them

This serves as a reminded, at least for me, to be mindful of how I act. I could possibly act so terribly as a make a pit for others to fall into should they copy me. I am to be accountable for my actions. And my actions should not cause other people to be set back in their faith but spur others on.


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