Be Still










Sometimes being still is very difficult. We live in a very busy, fast paced world. We are always looking to the next thing on our calendar and are trying to fill up the time we have free with something else. It is not that what we fill our calendars with aren’t well intentioned or good uses of our time, it is just that we don’t often take time to sit and be silent and still.

Jesus often went out into deserted places to pray. He found silence and stillness to rejuvenate him and equip him to get back into the throws of the busy life he lived.

Whenever I find myself in nature where it is quiet and still I feel like I can almost hear God whisper. To be able to feel the breeze against your skin and listen to nature provides such a different experience of life than being in the middle of the city with rushing cars and people.

The Lord moves in the stillness. Moses tells the Israelites that they need only be still and they will see God move in their lives. The Psalmist says that in the silence we can see the power of God. God is not in the windstorm, the fire, or the earthquake but in the still small whisper.

I think as Christians we would do well to regularly get away from the insanity of our lives and listen to the quiet and see what God has to say to us away from the chaos.



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