35 Days

I always seem to miss the mark on starting a Lenten practice or fast by a few days. I can never make up my mind as to what I will give up or take on by the time Ash Wednesday rolls around. I should probably make it a habit to start trying to think about it right when the new year hits or I’ll never actually get a full 40 days of the Lenten season practiced. 

In keeping with my unintentional tradition of a shorter Lent season, this year it took me 5 days to come up with something that seems fitting to practice. In all honesty, I am actually pretty convinced that the Lord brought this one to my mind since I couldn’t come up with anything myself (though He did try to give me a few days to brainstorm). 

As a fasting activity, our church, Foothill Community Church in Azusa, has decided to abstain from all things that promote Human Slavery. This means being fully aware of what chocolate, coffee, and products in general we buy. This means checking to make sure companies are fair trade or looking into how they treat their workers. As avid coffee and chocolate consumers, Mac and I are having a bit of trouble with this, but as a part of the Foothill congregation, we are trying. This is also likely something we will continue on much past the Lenten season. Liberating those who are oppressed is an activity in which we find God participating constantly in the scriptures; we should therefore do likewise.

In conjunction with abstaining from something, the tradition is also to pick something up. To go with where I feel the Lord may be calling me, and to test the waters (sort of) and push myself, I have decided that each day for what remains of Lent (35 days) I will be blogging a sermon-esque/homily(/thing, for lack of better word). I can’t guarantee that they will be deep and moving to the core. I can’t guarantee that they will be the most eloquent writing you have ever come across. I can only hope that they might be coherent and thought provoking. I pray that the Lord will use these short messages to teach me new things and help me find clarity. I also pray that those who may come across them might find encouragement and new insights as the Spirit leads. 

If you find yourself here and reading along, please, PLEASE, feel free to comment participate in discussion! 

So here’s to the next 35 days! 


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