My how things change…

Over a year ago I had just come back from Israel. It is strange to me that I have been back for over a year now. It still feels like just yesterday. I miss it like I just came back last week. A year ago now, I had moved into my new apartment with three girls I didn’t know. My best friends lived in NorCal and Nevada. Most of my friends had graduated. I had no job and no clue what the year was going to have in store for me.

Times sure have changed. That last year at APU was spectacular. My classes were fantastic. My professors were amazing. And I met an awesome guy who quickly became my best friend. I ended up with two jobs, a new church, and crazy but entirely lovable roommates. I cooked more than I did the other three years at APU, and did more dishes too. Read more than any other semester, and probably learned more. Made my first thanksgiving and easter dinners. And enjoyed my senior year to the fullest. And before the end of the year, that awesome guy and I were together with plans for the long haul (though it took quite some drama to get there).

Now, a year later, I have lived in two different pretty crappy apartments since graduating. Gotten a big-girl job. Learned the world of health insurance. Wrestled with a long distance relationship. Gotten my own car insurance. Put in my two weeks notice at my first big-girl job and will be starting my career as an admissions counselor on Monday at the school that helped shape me for four years. That’s weird.

When did I grow up?


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