Warning: a brag post

This weekend I was reminded of life as it is.

This past month or so of transition time between graduating, moving to southern california permanently (at least for now), and getting a big girl job has been rough. Having to go through so much change all at once without the one who has been by your side for the past 9 months is even rougher. I have been lonely, sad, pissy, and emotional all month. I am living far away from friends and doing a job that I know almost nothing about and on top of that I am attempting to maintain a long distance relationship. Kill me.

But this weekend I was reminded of how life was and how life will be again. This summer may be a big terrible transition, but all of these rough patches are temporary. I will move out of La Crescenta. I will move closer to people. I will get used to me job. Mac will come back.

This is going to be an “Alicia shut the crap up” post, beacuse I’m going to brag about Mac.

I am the luckiest girl on this planet. I am dating a goofball. He is a nerd, a smart ass, sarcastic, gamer, but he is also the sweetest, gentleman, romantic with a great sense of humor. How all of those qualities managed to bundle together? Your guess is as good as mine. He makes me laugh. He tells me I’m beautiful. He shops with me and actually picks out things that I love. He will be honest with me when I try something on and actually care about whether it looks good. He has a good fashion sense for himself too. He is so good looking (if you don’t think so, oh well, he’s mine anyway.) The man loves Jesus. And everyday that I am with him the more I am encouraged toward Christ. To watch him serve with people and struggle through theology makes me want to journey with him wherever he goes. Everyday that I am with him I want more and more to be the Godly woman who should rightly stand by his side. He is my bestfriend. He is honest with me about everything. I know his flaws and he knows mine. He loves all of me, despite whatever crap I have. He breaks through my selfdoubt and terrible body image and manages to plant encouragement in my heart so that I am slowly growing my selfesteem. He’s not afraid to tell me I have something in my teeth. I am not embarassed around him and am entirely myself and comfortable. He gets legitimately upset when he thinks he isn’t being a good boyfriend. He is genuine and entirely loving. He is logical and easily explains complicated things to me. His knowledge doesn’t intimidates me, but impresses me. He can sing. And I am pretty sure that if you put an instrument in his hand he could play it. He is tall enough for me to wear heels. He has a wonderful heart. He might be tough to crack, but once you get through that shell the boy is a softy. He is caring. He is bugged by the amount of sexuality in the media. Most men, accept it, and the fact that it peeves him, makes me realize that he is different. He understands that its not okay and wants to keep himself from it. He knows his limits. He knows my limits. He can dance. And man is that boy a good kisser. He will be a great father one day. He is everything I have ever dreamt of in a man and more. And I love him with all of my heart.

Seeing him this weekend reminded me that this summer is tolerable. I am a lucky woman. God has given me so much. And I am beyond grateful.


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