On running chapter 1: the beginning

So I have decided that I would like to be a runner. So what am I going to do? Run.

So as a sub section of my blog I will attempt to record things and write about the experience and basically just blog the overall process and growth throughout this ordeal.

So I have made several goals related to this running endeavor: here they are

  1. I will lose 30 lbs by Thanksgiving (2010)
  2. I will no longer drink soda or eat fast food
  3. I will not take second servings and I will eat smaller portions and more slowly along with snacking on healthy foods throughout the day
  4. Then: I will run a 5k November 14

These are just my fall goals, running/health wise. Naturally, I will also be training for that 5k considering that I am no where NEAR ready at this moment to run.

So I plan on starting training on August 16th, official training at least because I’ll probably hit the gym a few time before then. I have officially registered for the Silver Strand Half Marathon and 5k. I will, of course, be running the 5k because I would die running a half marathon. I will be running it with my stepmom and good news is that it only cost $40….which includes them mailing my number and shirt to me before the race so I don’t have to deal with the madness the night before. I will spend the weekend with Dad and Monica in San Diego and getting up early and running! Crazy!

I’m doing an 8 week training plan, which doesn’t look too strenuous and I even have running shoes to break in! Hooray! So it looks like it’s going to be a fantastic experience, though I am more optimistic than normal, so we shall see! Here goes nothing!


One thought on “On running chapter 1: the beginning

  1. Tim Handley says:

    This one won’t be as long….

    How have you done on your set parameters?

    Weight/food/body has always been one of my biggest fails. 3rd plate? sure. 4th plate? You got it. Running? No thanks.

    A few years ago, I actually started training for the LA marathon with the girl I was with. She’d been a marathoner for her whole life. Actually got up to my max of doing a 10 mile roundtrip (with walks in between of course).

    But over the last few years, I really got back into shape. Went from 265, to around 190, and then earlier this year when I was facing lots of tribulations, I ate my way back up to around 210, and now since moving here to Alabama at the beginning of September, I’ve gained 15 pounds back roughly…doesn’t help working at a buffet.

    Want to be a mutual food-watching, exercise-encouraging, friend?

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