On Marriage

Note to reader: This blog may be on bit of a different note than those as of late, so bear with me.

So the other night I had a dream. It’s funny how much dreams affect my though processes. Now, I’m not going to be able to describe the dream very well being that its a dream, and therefore in its nature it doesn’t make much sense in real life. But here is the best description I can muster. In the last few minutes of the dream I was sitting on a dock facing a beautiful little island in the middle of a gorgeous lake with the sunsetting in the distance. I was there with a guy, who apparently, I was dating. He proposed. Then instantly, the dream jumped forward, same place, further in time. The guy and I were just hanging out, laughing, having a blast. It was light, joyous.

Now that doesn’t really sound like much at all, but I can still see it so vividly in my head, it was beautiful and it brought such a warm feeling it was strange. So it’s that which caused me to begin to wonder about the idea of marriage. If you were to ask any college student they would more than likely be able to list at least two or three couples that they know who are so good together it’s sickening and have more fun together than anyone they know. When you ask that student how old those couples are, they will more than likely answer that they’re under 30 and don’t have kids. The more I rack my brain in attempt to break that statement, the more I seem to prove it, at least from people I know. Now, I am not saying that couples who have kids and are over 30 aren’t good together, its just a different type of relationship entirely.

I know that people change and situations change and life goes on, but what happens? Why do they stop having fun and enjoying each other as they do before kids? I don’t really have answer, after all, I’m single, under 30, and don’t have kids, so I’m not exactly qualified to answer. I’m not really looking for answer either. It’s just something that has been going through my mind. In conclusion, it scares me. Marriage, while being something that I’ve always dreamed about and hoped to come soon, is beginning to freak me out more than excite me. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Who knows?

To end on a more positive note, God is good. And even the whole idea of marriage is just another way that God shows us how he relates to us, and it’s a broken image. God loves us infinitely more than any human ever could. Thank goodness for that.


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