state side

It has been almost a month since my last update. I now find myself back in the US of A in the hot desert of Las Vegas, sitting in a freezing coffee shop with almost no character. The amount that I miss Jerusalem daily is insane. The littlest things remind me of people or stories. I miss those people like crazy. It’s hard to think that just a month ago we were all living in those close quarters and getting ready for the Jordan field study. It’s harder yet to try to think of what it was like when we first met each other at the beginning of the semester. Holy crap did time fly.

So now that I am here, unable to get back to Jerusalem anytime soon, I have to find wats to occupy my time. That is proving to be a hard task considering its balls hot during the day and that eliminates any outdoor activity. So reading is what I have come to, and that is also proving to be an issue considering I can’t find anywhere that I can be comfortable enough to read.

I know that this summer will fly by just like my last semester did, but I am doing so close to nothing that I find it hard to even get through a day sometimes. Once July hits, and travel begins, It will be a much better experience. In the mean time, however, I need to come up with goals. Too bad I’m pretty unmotivated.

And this, by far, is my most uninteresting blog in about five months. Welcome to my less-than-exciting life away from Israel, state side.


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