Preparing for the punch

So now I have come to the end of my time here in this beautiful country. It has been a glorious three and some odd months. I have traveled more than I could ever have imagined and made friends that were better than I could have ever asked for. I could not have had a better semester if I tried.

God has moved during my time here in more ways than I can describe. I find that I am out of words to express anything at the moment. The goodbyes are the hardest part. I have cried more in the past two days than this entire year. I hate saying goodbye, but I have to trust we will see each other again some day. I have grown to love these people here so much. I am beyond blessed to have met them. I am now T-3 hours until my sherut gets here to pick Robbie, Jordan, and I up to go to the airport for a 11:55 PM flight to Philadelphia. It is so hard to believe that this semester is already over when it seems that just a few days ago we arrived to this strange place which I now call home.

I feel like it would be to my benefit to go through and list the places that I have been and recap some of the things that I have learned, but that would take an entire book and my brain right now is not capable of processing that much information with the amount of emotion that is already consuming me. I will, however, take a second to mention that I am not ready for western culture. I am not ready to enter back into a place where hospitality is taken fore granted and honor is not second nature. I am not ready to enter a world with no bartering or ultra cheap things. I am not ready to have a phone again, or TV, or anything else of that nature. I am not ready to be with people who haven’t experienced this with me. But, unfortunately, I am going to be thrusted back into it full speed. I know that adjusting will be hard and culture shock will suck a bit, but I also can rest assured knowing that God’s hand is ever present.

While western culture is about to slap me in the face and I’m doing all I can to brace myself, I am also really excited to see those who I have missed these past months. I’ve said my hard goodbyes here, and therefore I can now just look forward to seeing those I haven’t seen in a while and try to ignore the fact that I’m leaving behind people I may or may not see again. I thank God for the opportunity to be here and for showing up this semester and working in all of us and I pray that he continue to do so through this next stage of all of our lives.

And its with this, that I end my last post from Jerusalem, Israel.


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