A few thoughts as I procrastinate

Being in Israel there are several things that I am do detached from that I barely even recognize their absence. In ways this is a nice luxury, in others I worry that I might struggle going back to the states. The two major examples that I can think of at the moment have to do with my phone and television.

I have a phone with an Israeli number while I am here, but I can count the number of times that I have used it on one hand, most of which were just to get a hold of people in the states when the internet wouldn’t suffice. Going from day to day not having the ability to call or text anyone is a strange thing coming from having an iphone and being completely attached to my phone. If I need to get a hold of anyone on campus I have no choice but to find them. I also don’t have constant access to facebook or twitter. It also forces me to have real conversations instead of resorting to texting. It makes quality time with people so much easier because we aren’t even tempted to look at our phones. To be so disconnected with the world of a cell phone is such a glorious place to be. I think that I have come to conclude that when I get back to the states I will be putting set schedules on my phone usage. I think that during the school day it will be off all the time. And it will only be on at night (thinking about this it might cause issues for work…but i’ll figure it out). And there will be one day where I will have it completely off all day. It will definitely limit my time and focus on something that is entirely unnecessary on a daily basis.

Being without a television is another thing. Being without daily news is pretty hard, though i suppose i could just go pick up a paper or check out online news. I haven’t seen a TV show since I’ve been here and I have only watched two movies. For those of you who know me that in itself is quite a feat. I think that I will cut back on the shows that I watch in the states. I might limit it to three shows that I keep up on and only watch the news when i’m at the gym (which was normal anyway). I think I also will only watch  movies on the weekend as well. These things are tentative right now, but I feel like they are a good idea.I am not sure which shows I will cut, but I will have to cut somewhere.

There are been a lot of realizations while I am studying here and I feel that there will be a bit of change in the lifestyle I live when I return, hopefully for the better. The goal is to cut out the unnecessary things to make room for more Kingdom focused ideas. After all, to quote the phrase that I hated hearing so much for the past two year from our Jr high director Daniel Huskey, “its not about you (me).” Life is so that God can be glorified and I am but a tool. I pray that that is evident and that it is not me that shines but Him.


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