Just another manic monday…

So today Ladies and Gentleman classes started. So far I have had: physical settings and cultural backgrounds and later today I have second temple history. It is a beautiful day here in Jerusalem, a nice 64, sun shining, and I’m sitting in the garden outside of my room under the grape vine terrace. Sarah, Paul, Dave, Melody, Kelsey, Corinne, Suzanna, and I went on an adventure. It was our first time outside campus without a tour guide or being required to be out. It was glorious. Here is the tale:

At lunch Suzanna and Dave and I decided that we really wanted coffee because the instant in the dining hall just wasn’t cutting it. We then invited the others and we headed out. We did, however, realize that most of us didn’t have any shekels on us because we hadn’t exchanged any money yet. So we headed into the old city to Sha’aban’s shop/money exchange. This might be one of my favorite places in the Old City. Sha’aban is this older man who is beyond friendly and anytime someone comes near his shop who he knows goes to JUC or just knows in general he invites them in for tea or juice or a drink of some nature and to look around his two shops. If this man asks you in for a drink you just can’t say no, there’s just something about him. So we of course went in and enjoyed our hot black tea with mint leaves and hung out for a few minutes before browsing around the shop at the beautiful things. You know that you can trust his prices and that he will take care of you if you are looking for something special. He is a nice man. So after we departed, well as we did Sha’aban showed us an alternate  exit that isn’t as crowded as the shop front streets, we headed into the new city area of American shops to Aroma Coffee. Their coffee was wonderful (then again anything better than instant was going to wow me at this point). They give a little chocolate to everyone who buys a drink, and it was delicious chocolate. Paul, Suzanna, Dave, and I sat around a table while the others went into a few shops to look around and enjoyed the coffee and sun (which was more annoying being that it was in my eyes). It was a good time. On the way back however, a man told me that he had a question for me, so naturally, I kept walking. As I walked on he then started cursing at me and calling me names like freak an other things. It was strange.

After our adventure the girls (Sarah, Melody, Corinne, Suzanna, and I) hung out in our room and just talked and laughed. It was a good time. We mesh very well as roommates and friends in general. It is awesome to have them around and here. I don’t think I could have asked for better roommates for this semester considering I don’t like a lot of females and the ones here are fantastic and we got along instantly.

So now Sarah and I sit in the garden while the rest of the people are in class (Islamic Thought). We have uploaded pictures and I have taught her how to use her computer (which is a PC so I am proud that I am able to get it haha). Dinner is in about an hour and a half and class after that. It has been a good day. Though I spent $100 bucks on books for one class and I still have two more that I haven’t been to yet. I don’t have class tomorrow, but my time will be spent reading due to the fact that I have a butt load of reading for the two classes that I have already had today. So I suppose this is where I leave you until next time.

Again, thanks for tuning in.


One thought on “Just another manic monday…

  1. Kelsey R says:

    🙂 Thanks for sharing your life with me. It’s a beautiful reminder of life outside Azusa. God’s going to show up BIG TIME and I can’t wait to read about how that’s going to happen. You’re great. Keep Blogging. You are loved and prayed for.

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