Sunday in Jerusalem

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post from Israel. I must begin with saying that the travel was just fine. I was on the flight with about 11 other people (some of whom were all a family traveling back to Israel to go to JUC) who were attending JUC this spring. We all traveled in the same sherut to the school together and it was much better than having to do it by myself. Quite frankly I am not too positive I would have had any idea what I was doing had I had to do it alone. So that is all to say that now that I am here it is wonderful to be here and I made it safely.

This country is beautiful. It is surprisingly green. I love it. The temperatures are fantastic and the breeze is wonderful. There is a funky smell some places though, but I suppose that goes for a lot of places in the world and it’s just something you have to get used to.

The campus is more than gorgeous and I can’t even begin to explain it. The buildings are all made out of limestone and they just look so exquisite. I haven’t gotten around to taking picture of the actual campus yet, but I am in the process of uploading pictures from the Old City trip today. I hope that you will take a look at them at some point.

As for the people that here, they are awesome. I am really excited about the opportunity of getting to be able to meet them over the course of the next few months. It has only been about two and a half days and some of us already feel like we have known each other for much much longer. We are comfortable with each other quite fast. It is definitely going to be an adventure this semester. The fact that we all must share some common interest to even come here makes it so much easier to get along and understand one another. Again it is just such a blessing to even be able to be here in this environment with such wonderful people.

Classes start tomorrow (well technically they started today…but I will get there in a moment) which will make this seem like an actual semester instead of just a whirlwind of a trip that is has seemed to be the past few days. So today we went on a field study walk into the Old City. We covered so much more land than I can even imagine. We stood on several rooftops and had the best view of the city. It was beautiful. My legs hurt so much I can’t even tell you. We saw the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the upper room, the supposed tomb of King David, a bunch of minarets, and other things. It was definitely a great walk, but also definitely exhausting. I am uploading the pictures right now. There are 200 something pictures and this internet doesn’t like me very well so it is taking quite some time to load, but hopefully they will all get done before dinner. I’m sure I could have done abetter job at updating you all on what is going on but I am exhausted, as I said, and will have to do a better job next time when I actually have clarity of thought. Thanks for tuning in.


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