Time in Texas

So it is day one here in the land of Texas. It is currently 11 something, and I am super tired. But today I talked with my grandpa terry about a whole bunch of things that were way cool. Now the man is like 63 years old and pretty much crazy, but I didn’t know how much stuff he’d actually done in his life, or anything about him either. He served in the navy during the vietnam war and actually went overseas. He’s been to about a million different countries, and knows a lot about them. he’s lived in like over 10 states and it super super smart, which is almost hard to believe considering how ridiculous insane he comes off on a regular basis. I guess that compared to all the crazy things, like divorce of his parents when he was five, moving constantly, and being in the Vietnam war, his craziness almost makes more sense. He is super hilarious, but it all kind of makes sense a little more now understanding where he came from. He is really pretty much super cool.

On an unrelated topic, well slightly related, I had a slightly Biblical discussion with my grandma and mom today as well. We pulled out the family bible, which is also secretly like an encyclopedia, its about 80 years old and will someday be mine, which is freaking cool. We also pulled out the Bibles of both of my great-grandma’s who studied together when they were younger. They took notes all over their Bibles, and I get to keep one of them, which is awesome. Grama Juie then pulled out her Book of Mormon. That’s right folks, my grandma is mormon. I guess I never really realized that, I mean i know I was blessed in the Reorganized Church of the Latter Day Saints, but who knew? And so she shows me this text in Isaiah that talks about the book and how it will be found by only the one who was chosen and then I looked at the same text in my Bible, and it says something completely different, it mentions a book, but only for a verse where the book of mormon goes on for several verses. And so my wondering is what it says in the hebrew. I will ask karl as soon as he gets back from fresno. I want to know where joseph smith came up with all that stuff. I emailed Hauge about it. I also asked him about the idea that Mary was a Gentile and since Joseph wasn’t technically Jesus’ father that then technically Jesus wasn’t Jewish. Grama Juie says that somewhere in the Bible it says that Mary was a gentile, which I’m not quite sure of, so hence my asking of Hauge. So I hope he replies soon despite the fact that it is break, I think he will he is pretty prompt on those things.

So on that note, tomorrow I have to wake up early to go to church…mormon church. I know that my two best friends in high school were mormons and it can’t be too ridiculous, but who knows. It will be an experience to say the least. I wish i could tell Lance about it, he would laugh and tell me something ridiculous. And then I’d make a joke about how I am a mormon by association and how it just comes naturally because my mom’s side of the family is and how it is just in my blood to get along with them and secretly be a part of it haha. Oh Lance how I miss thee. Maybe I’ll text Danika. Good plan. Well, that’s really all I have to say, I might write tomorrow after church, just to describe the experience. =] good day to you all.


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